Guideline to Level 3 Courses

Welcome to the ultimate guide to Level 3 certification courses! Here, we’ll walk you through the key steps, requirements, and benefits of advancing your skills and career with a Level 3 certification. Whether you’re building on Level 1 or Level 2 certifications, or starting fresh, this guide has got you covered.

What is Level 3 Certification?

Level 3 certification represents the highest level of expertise in non-destructive testing (NDT). It qualifies individuals to perform and direct NDT operations, establish techniques, and interpret results according to applicable standards. This level of certification is essential for those looking to take on leadership roles and influence the direction of NDT practices within their organizations.

Basic Exam

The Level 3 basic examination is a critical first step in the Level 3 pathway, and it should be completed successfully before attempting any other Level 3 courses. This written exam assesses a candidate’s comprehensive understanding of fundamental subjects necessary for higher-level certification. It is divided into three main parts.

Part A covers technical knowledge in materials science and process technology with 25 multiple choice questions.

Part B tests the candidate’s knowledge of the certification body’s qualification and certification system, involving 20 questions and may be conducted as an open-book exam.

Part C assesses the candidate’s general knowledge of at least four NDT methods required for Level 2, including at least one volumetric method such as ultrasonic or radiographic testing, with a total of 15 questions for each method.

Candidates must achieve a minimum score of 70% in each part to pass. Completing this examination successfully is essential and should be done before any other Level 3 courses, ensuring that candidates possess the necessary depth of theoretical knowledge and understanding of the NDT certification system before advancing.

Training Requirements

To qualify for Level 3 certification, candidates must complete rigorous training and accumulate significant industrial experience. Here’s a breakdown of the training days required. Note: these requirements are for Level 2 practitioners who are already certified in the method.

Kuzer’s award-winning blended learning courses has reduced these in-person days to 3 days per course (with the exception of the L3 basic which is 5 days in-person).

NDT MethodLevel 3 Days (total)Level 3 Days (in-person)
Level 3 Basic55
Eddy Current63
Magnetic Testing43
Penetrant Testing33
Radiographic Testing53
Ultrasonic Testing53
Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing53
Time of Flight Diffraction Testing53


After passing the Level 3 basic examination, candidates must tackle the main method examination to advance their certification. This exam is divided into three parts.

Part D consists of 30 multiple choice questions assessing the candidate’s in-depth knowledge of the specific NDT method.

Part E includes 20 multiple choice questions focusing on the application of the NDT method within the relevant sector, covering applicable codes, standards, specifications, and procedures.

Part F involves drafting a NDT procedure for the relevant sector, where candidates must demonstrate their ability to create detailed, accurate, and compliant instructions.

To pass, candidates must achieve a minimum score of 70% in each part​​.

Industrial Experience

The experience required for Level 3 certification is extensive. Candidates must demonstrate practical skills and knowledge through real-world application. Here’s a summary of the experience required:

NDT MethodLevel 3 Hours
Eddy Current3150
Radiographic Testing3150
Ultrasonic Testing3150
Magnetic Testing1260
Penetrant Testing1260
Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing1680
Time of Flight Diffraction Testing1680

Benefits of Level 3 Certification

  • Leadership Roles: Lead and direct NDT operations.
  • Higher Salary: Increased earning potential.
  • Industry Recognition: Esteemed credential recognized globally.
  • Advanced Skills: Mastery in NDT methods and techniques.

Embark on your journey to Level 3 certification today and take your NDT career to new heights!

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