Vision requirements

To complete our training courses, a minimum visual require needs to met.

The requirement is based on the visual acuity requirements of ISO 9712. The following is an extract from that standard:

a) near vision acuity shall permit reading a minimum of Jaeger number 1 or Times Roman N 4.5 or equivalent letters (having a height of 1,6 mm) at not less than 30 cm with one or both eyes, either corrected or uncorrected;
b) colour vision shall be sufficient that the candidate can distinguish and differentiate contrast between the colours or shades of grey used in the NDT method concerned, as specified by the employer.

Essentially, you need to be able to read the fine print of a book and not be colourblind. Glasses are fine – if they’re used on the job you can use them on the visual acuity test.

Even if you suffer from colourblindness, this isn’t the end of your career in Non-destructive testing! You can still perform a wide range of inspections.