Courses & exams

Course and exam bookings are not confirmed until payment is received in full.

Payment must be received sooner than 21 days prior to course start date, unless otherwise approved by Kuzer Technical.


Failure to attend at the prescribed time results in forfeiture of the booking & fees paid.


The customer shall be responsible for the cost of any repairs to, or replacement of any part of the facility, fixtures and equipment that sustains damage caused or contributed to by the student.

Refund policy

When a cancellation request is made (in writing) between 21 and 45 days prior to course start date, a credit will be issued.

A refund will be issued when requested (in writing) more than 45 days prior to course start date.

Specimen hire & external competency assessments

Specimen, raw data and final reports to be returned within 7 days.  Hire charge of $200 / wk applies after this time.

A restoration fee of $200 per specimen applies when a specimen requires rework to remove soils or corrosion.