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We offer training and exams for the following NDT methods:

  • Magnetic Particle Level 1 and 2 (ISO 9712)
  • Dye Penetrant Level 1 and 2 (ISO 9712)
  • Ultrasonics Level 1 and 2 (welds) (ISO 9712)
  • Phased Array Level 2 (ISO 9712)
  • Time Of Flight Diffraction Level 2 (ISO 9712)
  • Radiographic Testing Level 2 (ISO 9712)
  • Visual Testing Level 1 and 2 (ISO 9712)
  • Eddy Current Level 1 and 2 (ISO 9712)

New Level 3 courses!

  • Level 3 Basic Exam Prep (ISO 9712)
  • Level 3 Magnetic Particle (ISO 9712)
  • Level 3 Dye Penetrant (ISO 9712)
  • Level 3 Radiography (ISO 9712)
  • Level 3 Ultrasonics (ISO 9712)
  • Level 3 Phased Array (ISO 9712)
  • Level 3 Time of Flight Diffraction (ISO 9712)
  • Level 3 Eddy Current (ISO 9712)

Courses are also available for

  • OCTG drill pipe inspection
  • Multi sector (processes of manufacturing and failure mechanisms)
  • Radiation Safety (This radiation safety program equips learners with essential knowledge and practical skills for handling Gamma, X-ray, and XRF sources. It includes flexible, self-paced online learning, reinforced by regular quizzes, and culminates in a face-to-face final exam. Success in this exam enables participants to apply for permissions from the South Australian Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to manage radioactive substances responsibly. The program emphasizes personal and environmental safety, making graduates adept and conscientious in radiation safety practices.)

Course requirements

All courses have the following entry requirements:

  • Math literacy (equivalent to an early high school level)
  • English comprehension (equivalent to an early high school level)
  • Materials knowledge of manufacturing and failure mechanisms (the Muli-sector course is recommended for students who are new to the industry)
  • Vision requirements. See the following page for more information about vision requirements.

Phased Array and Time of Flight Diffraction requirements:

  • Ultrasonics Level 2