Tips For Preparing for Ultrasonics Level 2

You’ve decided to step up and take the plunge into the shear wave world of Ultrasonics Level 2, congratulations! Ultrasonics Level 2 (UT2) is an extremely rewarding course, but it can also be challenging.

There are several ways you can prepare in advance to maximise your success (in addition to revising the theory); the following are suggested techniques to make the most out of the two-week course.

Get out on the tools

Get out on the tools with a certified UT2 technician. All NDT courses are designed for students who already have some experience in the method, and UT2 can be challenging for technicians going in cold.


Learn how to calibrate correctly. Calibration is a critical part of almost all NDT methods, especially for UT2.

Learning to calibrate for shear wave ultrasonics is not particularly difficult, but it is quite time-consuming when learning. The faster you learn to calibrate during the course, the more time you will have for practicing flaw detection on actual weld samples.

The Australian Standard AS 2083-2005 provides step-by-step for all of the calibration techniques required – keep reading for more on this standard.

Know your standards

Read AS 2083-2005, which is the Australian Standard for “Calibration blocks and their methods of use in ultrasonic testing”. This standard details all the steps needed to calibrate for UT2.

(Your employer will provide you with a copy of this standard since it is needed when you’ll be in the field performing UT2.)

Digest your technique standard

Live and breath AS 2207-2007, the Australian Standard for the UT of welds in carbon steel. This is your bible, and by the end of the course, you will need to completely understand all aspects of this standard. This is the standard you’ll be using in the field, too. (And again, your employer will provide you with a copy of this.)


The maths required for UT2 can be challenging, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve solved an equation. Here are the main areas to brush up on:

Balancing equations

Here is an excellent refresher from Khan Academy on balancing equations.


UT2 uses angle probes, so it’s all about solving right-angle triangles. Here is a wonderful refresher on trigonometry from Khan Academy to brush up on triangles.


Taking as many of these steps as you can before your UT2 course means you will have more time for practicing the art of ultrasonic weld testing.

If you have any queries or would like more information, get in touch with us here.

Good luck!